Stay Fit This Summer With These 9 Expert-Recommended Cool Gadgets

Summer is here! And with it, what you’ve been dreaming of for months: the holidays!

It’s time to cancel the cell phone alarm clock, put the laptop in the closet, and activate the pause and fun modes.

We thought of you, who can’t live without technology.

So, we bring you a list of cool gadgets to help you and your family have the best holidays ever, whether on the beach, in the countryside, or simply in the comfort of home, sweet home.

Cool Gadgets For Everyone

Whether you’re in search for some new technology or some cool add-ons, we’ve rounded up a great list of gadgets to keep your summer vibes on

  1. JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker

JBl Bluetooth speakers all colors

A speaker that will certainly liven up your summer, you can easily take it with you, and that allows easy connection to your mobile phone, tablet, or PC via Bluetooth.

Highlighting its 12-hour autonomy, maximum power of 2 x 8W, and water resistance (IPX7) , are always important points if you want to take it to a joyful sunny day at the beach.

  1. Nintendo switch

Nintendo switch

If you’re a gaming fan or like to have a good time playing, Nintendo has an excellent solution to accompany you this summer.

The Nintendo Switch is an extremely versatile, small, and light console that can be used traditionally (TV connection) or as a portable device.

You can put this cool gadget it in a bag, take it wherever you want, and enjoy a good gaming session alone or with friends, as the controls can be removed from the console for independent use.

Sony MDR-XB50BS Bluetooth Headphones


Earphones are a must-have if you want to listen to music while resting at home, going for a walk, working out, or just lying on the beach and enjoying the sun.

For so many types of use, you should opt for ones that connect via Bluetooth so you don’t have wires getting in the way of training. In addition, it allows you to reproduce sound from a distance.

The Sony MDR-XB50BS earbuds are comfortable, with up to 8.5 hours of playtime, and are water resistant – great travel/workout companions.

  1. Alexa Smart fitness watch

Alexa Smart Watch

How about taking your personal trainer everywhere? And not even leave it behind during the holidays?

If you have an iPhone, like to play sports, monitor your day-to-day, or simply don’t find it practical to pick up your phone to check notifications systematically, then this Watch will help (and a lot).

Allows you to monitor and record workouts with indications of heart rate, calories burned, and time invested. You can also monitor your day-to-day, with sleep indications, steps taken, and distance traveled.

You can also check all notifications on Watch, send messages, or reply to emails.

  1. Bellabeat Leaf Health Tracker

Bellabeat Leaf Health Tracker

This Bellabeat Leaf health tracker is the must-have fitness tracker your wife wants to use

, or give your girlfriend to impress her by giving such a valuable gift.

Fitness accessories such as this can be worn as bracelets or necklaces of any size without appearing bulky or intrusive. The app collects activity metrics on iOS and Android devices.

With Bellabeat, you can track steps taken, calories burned, sleep quality, stress levels, and menstrual cycles, among other things. You can buy this perfect hands-free tech gift right now, and

  1. Among all Bluetooth

Sony SRS-XB13 travel speaker

Devices and wireless speakers are perhaps the most popular. You can listen to your music nearly anywhere with a wireless speaker.

Most of the speakers won’t easily fit in your pocket, but this one from Sony is an exception. This cool, tiny tech gadget has a two-hour battery life, offering great sound.

XB13 is water and dustproof with an IP67 rating and new UV coating for extra protection – you can take your speaker anywhere you like.

  1. 18mm Attachment Lens for Phones

Moment Wide Lens for mobiles

Taking pictures with your phone on the beach shore is another huge fun, but find the camera’s capabilities a bit limited, this high-tech gadget is for you.

This Wide Angle clip-on camera lens features robust aluminum and glass construction. The package contains an 18 Millimeters fisheye lens.

This cool gadget was made by experts who have been making high-end cinema lenses for over 20 years.  With this lens made for mobile devices, you can take your videos to the next level.

With most smartphones (iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy, OnePlus) already boasting a high-resolution camera, this amazing accessory is a great cool gadget for any budding photographer.

  1. Kobo Nia – 8GB

Kobo Nia eReader

You even like to feel that touch of paper; leafing through the dust of books is romantic for you. But you know very well that holidays are only sometimes friends with physical books.

Forget the drama of chlorine, shaking inside your backpack, or ice cream stains, and adopt Kobo Nia. With a 6” screen, Kobo’s latest eReader lets you read whatever you want without those worries.

Whether novels, biographies, or thrillers, your books will accompany you on vacation in 8GB of storage.

And don’t worry about the lighting. This cool gadget with an adjustable front light and allows you a friendly reading of your eyesight, day and night, thanks to the ComfortLight system.

  1. Polaroid Originals Now I-Type Instant Camera

Polaroid Originals Now I-Type Instant Camera

You won’t miss a technological release but have a special soft spot for retro gadgets. And that’s why you’ll fall in love with this modern interpretation of the 1977 Polaroid.

Put your digital and smartphone on hold and get creative with this revivalist camera. Taking pictures has never been so easy and fun: point, click, and have your photo printed.

The Take Away

Electronics are getting smaller and more compact over the years, and everyone has cool gadgets that they never leave home without.

You probably take your smartphone with you every time you leave the house, but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be a few more helpful options (discussed above).

Good vacation! Have fun with the cool gadgets suggestions we leave you, and share the best moments on social networks.


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