Canon new camera ME20F-SH can shoot full HD videos in even complete darkness

Video shooting in low lighting can be very difficult and annoying no matter how good quality camera is used. But now there is a solution for this problem as Canon new camera ME20F-SH can shoot full HD videos in even complete darkness without the use of any traditional infrared night vision.

Will you pay $30,000 for a two-megapixel Canon new camera ME20F-SH?

If users are told that they have to pay $30,000 for a two megapixel camera without telling them the complete specs of it, they would never buy it. But now we are talking about a full-frame camera with a remarkable sensor that has an ISO equivalency of 4 million and gain setting of 75db.

The company claims that Canon new camera ME20F-SH can capture accurate colors with very little to no noise in complete darkness. Canon claims that the 2-megapixel sensor of the camera can provide adequate resolution to capture Full HD video (1920×1080) at 24p, 30p and 60p. If users have any full-frame EF lenses of Canon, they will all work with this beast.

An all new 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor with a DIGIC DV4 processor is the secret behind the mastery of the darkness. The sensor used in Canon new camera ME20F-SH is 2.26MP, but each of its pixels is very large, which enables it to suck in all available light from any situation.

ME20F-SH is not built for filming of sea scenes, nocturnal wildlife, deep cave exploration, astronomy, surveillance and not meant for the average videographer. To make it compatible with over 60 EF lenses, it uses the Canon EF mount with Cinema Lock.

To buy Canon new camera ME20F-SH and shoot videos in complete darkness, you will have to wait till December. This camera is basically designed to shoot HD video rather than still photography.

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