Google Glass new version is being distributed clandestinely to businesses by Google

Google Glass new version, which is aimed at businesses in industries such as manufacturing, health care and energy, is being distributed clandestinely to business by Google.

The new version of Google Glass will look different from the previous version of Glass, which cost $1,500. It is said that the new version will have a button and hinge system on it that will attach the gadget to another pair of glasses rather than having a built-in frame.

Google Glass new version will use a faster Intel processor and will have a longer battery life than before. According to our sources Google Glass new version will have improved wireless connectivity along with a thinner, longer display that can move both horizontally and vertically.

Why did Google stop selling earlier version of Google Glass?

Earlier, Google stopped selling the previous version of glass as a consumer gadget and moved the project out of the Google X research lab to its own unit led by Tony Fadell, consumer hardware expert. When the Glass program was shut down, the search giant insisted that Google Glass was not dead and then said it was targeting on business users.
Since January 2014, the search giant has tried to entice employers to use Glass in the workplace and convince the app developers to continue to make apps for it. Google has also tested an app with Taco Bell to help its employees in assembling menu items.

Google Glass new version launch date has not been revealed. The people familiar with the matter said the search giant may launch a new consumer version of Glass probably by next year. Microsoft is also working to get into this market with HoloLens, its VR glasses that will work with Windows 10. Many other tech giants are also working on VR to get into this business.

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