Children at Risk of Overweight with Too Much Bedroom Tech

Children at Risk of Overweight with Too Much Bedroom Tech

Being overweight—a condition said to be putting every child at risk. And for a reason, lack of sleep follows having smartphones and gadgets, among others into their bedrooms.  According to several researches in the past, there is a correlation between weight and sleep in children.

Safefood’s latest campaign phase is aimed at encouraging parents to make bedrooms of their children free from screens and at asking them to charge their gadgets, including tablets and phones elsewhere, especially at night.

Recently, an analysis composed of 11 international studies on children found that those with less than 11 hours of sleep experienced up to 58 percent of overweight and obesity risk as compared to children who had more sleep. The risk was reduced to nine percent for each additional sleep hours.

Another study called “Growing Up in Ireland discovered that two-thirds of those children age nine watch three hours of television every day with 10 percent of them watching at least three hours. Almost 50 percent of the nine-year-olds have televisions in their bedroom, while over one in three of them, about 35 percent, have a DVD player and TV. But these figures don’t include the time spent by these children in playing games on Smartphones, tablets and computers.

Sixty-three percent of the parents, according to the most recent Safefood online survey, said that they did not think their kid has enough sleep, while 77 percent of them said that they have tried to reduce the screen time of their children.

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