Thin-Film Solar Technology Gathers Scrutiny from Experts

Thin-Film Solar Technology Gathers Scrutiny from ExpertsA thin-film solar innovation scrutiny is on the surface while China’s Hanergy rises.

Today, Li Hejun is propelling to the rich list of China, as the potential for green energy becomes popular. However, this Hanergy Holdings isn’t proving that it can transform impressive laboratory research into building commercially successful products.

A Hong Kong listed unit, Hanergy Thin Film Power, has discovered its value to soar up to six times in the past year with US$37 billion, an amount more than what two dozen of its rivals combined made.

According to analysts, the increase was due to the government’s promotion efforts on solar energy. However, insiders from the industry said that the rise has something to do with the bullish proclamations made by the firm itself on thin-film solar panels as well as on their products’ competitiveness.

Experts, including a sales executive of Hanergy said that the company’s products were not efficient or affordable enough. They were not also ready in taking any major market share from traditional solar panels made using crystalline silicones.

According to the senior director and a solar specialist at JA Solar, Christoph Flink, there was no real reason of switching to thin film except when the learning curve for this product becomes steeper and added that he did not see it coming or happening, reflecting expert views as per Reuter interviews last month.

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