China Accused of State Backed Cyber Attacks

China Hacker: Cyber Attack

A group which was backed up by the Chinese state was stealing information all around the world for the last 10 years and the group was undetected. The group was stealing information from foreign companies and journalists, this also includes military installations.

FireEye, a US based cyber security company claims that the group is supported, balanced and sophisticated, meaning that they have a strong financial backing. The group was able to attack networks which were not even connected to the internet. This issue has been going on for the long time and many experts think that this discovery will lead to further conclusions.

A report was published on Monday where the details were laid down, the group is known as APT30 and has been stealing state secrets since 2004.

The chief technology officer of FireEye Bryce Boland says that China is backing APT30, and that they were stealing information about journalists, dissidents and political developments in relation to China targeting government and military organizations, and targeting economic sectors of interest to China’s economy.

The report did not mention the names of the victims, this was due to security reasons but it was mentioned that the victims are based in Asia. The Group was responsible for sending emails by which they were able to infect computers from a trusted source. Once the user opens the mail, a malware called Mysterious Eagle would install itself onto the computers and the hackers would then be able to control and monitor the computer.

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