CHIP: Introducing the Small but Terrible Computer

CHIP: Introducing the Small but Terrible Computer

In the last few years, Raspberry Pi has become very popular. For those who do not know it, it is the credit card-sized computer that is known to be very affordable. Its cheap price tag makes it unsurprising to know that it is very in demand. Nonetheless, how will you feel if we tell you that there is somewhat similar PC out there that comes in a much smaller form and, of course, much more affordable price?

After the reign of Raspberry Pi, it is expected that people will now go crazy over CHIP. It is the single-board computer that can be bought at a price of $9 only. It has the capacity to run light Linux-based distros.

CHIP is known to have great features and specifications. It sports 1GHz processor that is partnered with 4GB internal storage and 512MB RAM. The board supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options. It also has optional ports for both HDMI and VGA. The optional HDMI port costs $24 while the optional VA port costs $19.

Some people are concerned as to what can they run with this mini computer. Well, this should not bother us as the company guarantees that it is a very capable device. It can run most of the lightweight Linux distributions. Also, the device is said that it will let us enjoy browsing with the use of Chromium.

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