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Pentagon Wants to Use Mesh Networking Technology

Pentagon Wants to Use Mesh Networking Technology

There is no way to deny that we would be in trouble if all mobile phone towers in the United States combusted. This scenario is the reason why the Pentagon is looking for another possible way to communicate during the time of emergencies. One of the best ideas as of the moment involves connecting every single mobile phone in the United States with the use of mesh networking technology.

According to Terry Halvorsen, who is the Chief Information Officer of the Department of Defence, our mobile handsets are just small radios. He pointed out this fact to the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee’s members just recently.

He also asked the members of they should mesh mobile phones together for the purpose of propagating signal in order to replace the civil defence broadcast we are used to. According to him, it is a great tool for communication during emergencies.

The mesh networking technology is actually currently happening in some ways. Are you familiar with FireChat? It is an application that is known to be using mesh networking technology as it let people communicate with one another through the use of a mobile device even when there is no signal at all. This kind of app and capability will definitely be a lot of help, especially if you think about the possibility of combusting all mobile phone towers at once by the terrorists.

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