Chrome Devloper Version Now Available on Android Mobile Devices

Chrome Dev Is Now Available on Android Mobile Devices

Do you know that Google now has a brand new mobile browser? If you want to see and experience it, then do not think twice to download Chrome Dev to your Android mobile device from the Play Store. It was just yesterday when Google officially announced the release of the brand new Chrome Developer version on it’s Chrome blog.

Many people are already excited about the Chrome Dev app. It is recommended to be downloaded by those people who are interested in designing a mobile site or an app. This can help you determine preview how this new browser runs on tablets and phones. Also, it is the right place for you to look for feature previews from Google before these features are officially launched to the market.

It is the first time for Google to unveil Chrome dev version on Android advices. If you are wondering, this dev version is already available for Windows, Mac, ChromeOS and Linux.

If you are using an Android device, keep in mind that it is possible for you to download multiple Chrome dev channels. However, just be sure to choose the best and the most stable among all the Chrome dev ever released. If you are looking for a more stable one, stay away from Canary Channel as they are known to be the most unstable ones in the market.

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