HoloLens: The Future Is Now Here, or Is It?

HoloLens: How Futuristic This New Technology Is?

Microsoft teased its fans about their forthcoming product. The firm confirmed that they are almost there when it comes to bringing the company’s HoloLens, which is their VR/AR headset technology, in the market.

Microsoft announced to their website that their holographic technology offers brand new methods for us to make, collaborate, play and work. The company also said that they are looking forward to telling and showing the people more at E3, which is considered to be premier trade show for video and computer games and related products.

It is still not sure whether HoloLens would appear during the E3 briefing itself. It is because Microsoft did not say any single word regarding it. Also, there is still no certainty whether this headset technology would be a lot of use for the booth of Microsoft on the show floor. Though these scenarios are still not guaranteed, it is more likely to happen than not.

To make the people much more thrilled and much more excited about their new product, Microsoft decided to release a brand new official YouTube channel for its HoloLens. The said YouTube channel contains a lot of videos regarding the futuristic and promising technology.

Just earlier this week, the company announced the new partnership between its HoloLens and Unity, which is considered to be a game engine giant.

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