Comparing the three Best Content Management Systems

Demand for HTML websites is declining over time due to the fact that various content management systems has made website and blog development easier than ever. Without any prior knowledge and experience of programming, coding and HTML, users are able to design decent websites through CMS. However, if we narrow down this discussion to the three most popular CMS globally including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, the question arises that which of the three is the best? While there may not be a definite answer to this question, comparison is the best way to decide!

Content Management Systems

Just so that you have a basic understanding of the three content management systems, WordPress would be listed first in the order of difficulty to use which technically means it is the easiest of all. Experts claim that Joomla requires basic knowledge of technical work needed for website development while Drupal requires familiarity with CSS, HTML and PHP making it the most difficult yet powerful of the three CMS. Following are some comparisons that may help you decide which CMS to choose for yourself:

  1. Purpose that each one serve: Increasing level of difficulty usually, not always, means that a CMS is capable of doing more than the easier one. Hence it is unsurprising to know that WordPress is an ideal platform to develop website for small-scale businesses, basic ecommerce websites and personal blogs. Joomla, on the other hand, is more suitable for advanced ecommerce and social networking websites while Drupal is capable of developing the most technical and complex websites for larger business needs.So while deciding between the CMS that is best for you, analyze your need and then choose accordingly.
  2. Popularity is a major factor: Apart from your need, it is important to check the popularity of each CMS. While all three of them are popular, WordPress was termed as ‘world’s most popular CMS’, regardless of the needs of individuals. People successfully developed some very advanced websites through WordPress, thanks to thousands of plugins and WordPress themes that are readily available. A highly popular CMS means that in case you get stuck or come across a hurdle when designing a website, you will find several people at online forums willing to guide and help.Although Joomla and Drupal are also popular, it might be difficult for a person to help you if you are not proficient in technical work.
  3. The ability to customize: The popularity makes a CMS highly customizable as is the case with WordPress. With regard to customization, WordPress again takes the point due to the fact that it has way more plugins and themes than any other CMS that exists in this world. The reason behind this is the fact that since WordPress is the most popular CMS, more developers want to design plugins and themes for it. Hence it is possible to customize WordPress websites in many more ways than any other CMS.

While these basic points may demonstrate WordPress as a better CMS in all scenarios, this may not be the case. All three of these are free of cost unless you decide to purchase some advanced plugins and themes. Also, the community support is enormous which means that in case of any queries, you can easily connect with millions of users of these CMS. So when you are making your choice, consider all the factors while focusing more on your needs. If you want to develop a highly technical website for some top-notch business, you may want to use Drupal and hire a professional.

Kanye Drake is an IT professional at a software house in California Dissertation Proposal. He studied computer sciences and loves coding.

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