Facebook Moneypenny, The New Virtual Assistant Service coming soon

Last month, Facebook created buzz by allowing people to sign up for its Messenger app without a Facebook account. Now, the social networking giant is creating buzz with Facebook Moneypenny, the new virtual assistant service.

Reported facts about Facebook Moneypenny:

There are three main virtual assistant services in the market, which are Google Now, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana. Unlike the above mentioned services which use artificial intelligence in combination with search to fulfil requests or queries by the users, Facebook Moneypenny will tap into actual human intelligence, which will allow users “to ask real people for help researching and ordering products and services, among other tasks,” according to a report by The Information.

Facebook Moneypenny will be integrated into the Messenger App which has more than 500 million active users every month. Since the Messenger app has been separated from Facebook, it has attracted many more users to the app and the company hopes that the new virtual assistant will enjoy the same reception. Facebook recently added the option of financial transactions to Messenger users and introducing Moneypenny may help them attract more users. Since in the dubbed name ‘Money’ comes we can expect what kind of services it can offer.

Patrick Moorhead said “It makes sense that they would try this, for sure. The best assistants have mountains of information on us that can be used to improve context. And Facebook has more personal data than anyone other than Google.”

For the past few months Facebook has been working for the development and growth of company by launching and acquisition of apps, which includes its recent acquisition of WhatsApp. Last month, the company also opened new Artificial Intelligence Lab in Paris. The social media giant is doing all such activities to eventually attract more Facebook users. The official release date for Facebook Moneypenny has not been disclosed as of now, but it will soon be launched.

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