Facebook Unveiled Video Chat Function to Android and iOS Users

Facebook Unveiled Video Chat Function to Android and iOS Users

Facebook is now advancing. Just this Monday, it unveiled a brand new feature in 18 countries, which include the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, France, Oman, Mexico, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Greece and Nigeria.

This function now allows Facebook users on Android and iOS devices to start a video chat with friends. To do this, they just have to tap the video camera icon that can be seen on the messenger thread’s top right corner.

The feature has already been available for the Messenger’s desktop version even before the first launching of the function for Android and iOS devices. However, mobile to desktop calling is not yet available as of this moment. It is yet about to come.

With the brand new feature released by Facebook, they are now on par with Google Hangouts, Skype and other popular messenger applications that offer video calling for quite a long time now.

The function that was recently introduced is known to be a part of the larger strategy of Facebook. This strategy aims to the expansion of its Messenger into an all-in-one communication portal.

This change is just considered to be one of the many improvements made by Facebook. These changes are targeted to their goal of developing Facebook Messenger into an extraordinary communication portal that will be loved by many people.

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