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Instagram gets a colorful makeover, however the app itself has had the color removed.

The popular image-sharing social network owned by Facebook, Instagram gets a colorful makeover. Instagram’s new icon is pink and yellow and purple and orange. But, it’s definitely different. And that’s not the only thing that has changed. Instagram has also rolled out a radical redesign of its mobile application, which

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The app blocks ad-tracking cookies and has a built-in ad-blocker.

Opera has launched free and unlimited VPN service to iOS on Monday, just a few weeks after introducing the same for its browser. Officially called Opera VPN, the app allows users to browse securely and view content that may otherwise be restricted, due to their location or other restrictions. Just

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Control Video Quality with Netflix’s New Mobile Data-Saving Feature

If you have a habit of binging on Netflix, then you’ve got to be very careful about where and when you watch Netflix. Because Netflix doesn’t allow you to download shows to take with you so whenever you’re watching, you’re streaming. And all this can run up your data charges

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tivo online

TiVo- The DVR maker has unleashed a new service called ‘TiVo Online’ for its subscribers. This new service allows its users to stream both their live TV as well as DVR recordings over the web. TiVo Online allows users to find their favorite TV shows they want to watch from

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Android and iOS App Developers Can Use Microsoft Windows 10 Soon

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced its support to iOS and Android apps, allowing developers to easily bring applications to Windows 10. The new “open” culture or referred to as “universal” operating system will enable app developers to port current apps into Windows universal applications that function throughout devices. Hong Kong and

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Facebook Unveiled Video Chat Function to Android and iOS Users

Facebook is now advancing. Just this Monday, it unveiled a brand new feature in 18 countries, which include the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, France, Oman, Mexico, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Greece and Nigeria. This function now allows Facebook users on Android and iOS devices to start a video

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