Get the best health with these wearables in 2018

The rapid development in the field of technology has changed the way many of the technological devices work and it has also affected our lifestyle in a positive way. One of the latest devices that have a significant effect on our lifestyle is wearables.

Right from the watches that we wear on our wrist, till the necklace adorning our neck- Many of the accessories are no longer just a fashion statement but can actively help us in keeping track of our overall health; identify any underlying health issues and meeting our health goals in a streamlined manner.

Actually, these wearables use the sophisticated technology that monitors our body stats record the same for our perusal and can also help us in the real tie by releasing notifications.
The wearables can sync with our Smartphone via apps or other integration technology and we can use the phone to store, transfer and save the information. Many new wearables have been introduced in the recent years including the present year.

Let us look at some of the most promising wearables that seem to be the strong contender to win the coveted top 10 position in 2018:

1.) Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit is not a new brand in the wearable market. It has been on the market for around 2 years and is quite popular with the health conscious people. The latest in its series is Fitbit Charge 2. There are multiple reasons that have earned the device this covered place.

Apart from brand advantages, the innovative yet simplified features of this sleek device make it a perfect fit for people who wouldn’t like to juggle with the complex process to utilize the wearable to the fullest. Besides, the rugged material also makes it a perfect fit for the daily rough and tough use without having to take special care.

Powered by sophisticated high capability software the device is loaded with a number of features that can be accessed via a user-friendly interface. It can monitor or activities round the clock throughout the day. Besides, The device seamlessly links to the Smartphone GPS that allows it to deliver the accurate results by calculating the exact distance and speed with the help of map recording. Multi-sport tracking allows you to calculate diverse physical activities that directly affect your health. Instant Smartphone notifications allow you to stay informed.

The device can also read your heart rate and deliver multi-faceted reports on the same. Cardio Fitness Level, for instance, utilizes customized cardio fitness score that is based on your VO2 Max and delivers your fitness level in the easy format of a snapshot.

The device is specially designed to facilitate the fitness monitoring for the people who lack advanced technical skills and need quick data about their overall fitness levels in a simplified format. So obviously the perfect blend of innovation, simplicity and user-friendly features makes this device rank on No.1 position.

2.) Steel HR

Next in the list is another ultramodern watch Steel HR. This hybrid watch has a number of awesome features delivered in a user-friendly format like displaying notifications digitally on the Smartphone.

The watch’s design looks great and the best thing is that you don’t have to juggle with the buttons in order to check the reports. It seamlessly syncs the entire tracking information to the app that allows you to know about the vital data like personal coaching, metrics and more.

Your heart rate is monitored as you exercise and you can see your heart rate in real time display on your watch. For the full info just check your app. The information is delivered in a neat, quick to understand format. Besides, the wholesome health assessment is also conducted with the help of resting heart rate.

Keeping in mind one of the most important physical activity the watch is specially designed to be water-proof in the best sense. You can swim for a long time with the watch on. As opposed to many other watches with the sportive look, this watch is specially designed to be worn during work out as well as formal events and it will look great on you whether you are wearing a sportswear or a full formal business suit!.

3.) Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Xiaomi Mi Band allows you to monitor the daily status without having to resort to the Smartphone as the band comes with the OLED display.

It is able to calculate all the vital physical activities and stats including distance, steps, sleep, and calories. Once charged adequately you don’t need to recharge it for as many as 20 days. This water-resistant band is very lightweight and specially designed to be worn effortlessly.

You will get the capsule for charging the band and it is protectively secured once you have pushed it in. So you can easily run, swim and do skip jumping without being concerned about the capsule

The PPG or (photoplethysmography) sensor allows the Mi Band 2 to tell you the accurate blood flow of your body while the heart rate sensor can be switched on during special activities like running or swimming. It also helps you in the monitoring of sleep patterns.

4.) Misfit Shine 2

Talking about the appearance of Shine 2, the device only differs in diameter and weight while keeping most of the visual features of the earlier version. This elegantly designed thinnest Misfit wearable pleasantly lacks any type of cables and doesn’t require any complex maintenance.

The best thing is that you can wear it on any part of the body due to its thin and easy to wear design. What else unlike many other wearables you can even wear it during the night that further augments its overall impact on health tracking.

While the device perfectly tracks the physical activities like running and workouts, it also offers an added advantage by monitoring our sleep in details and rendering the stats on different phases of your sleep like light, REM and deep.

It can also help you wake up from the sleep in the morning if you set the vibrating alarm. Another best feature that further extends the usability of Shine 2 is that it can easily be synced with third-party apps like Apple Health and others.

Reasonable prices, ability to track your sleep patterns and different cycles and low maintenance requirements are the three things that make this affordable gadget a potential hit in this year.

5.) Beast

If you are a person who is involved in a number of different physical exercises and activities then Beast is the best wearable for you as it can offer the accurate stats on a number of exercises.

Its sensor is certainly the USP of the device as it is configured as a magnet. it simply means that you can easily attach it to the dumbbells, barbell or other types of exercise machines. It thus offers the best option for the people who would not like to use wearables as accessories. Of course, that is not the ultimate benefit of this feature.

The best benefit of this “magnet” feature is that you can use it anywhere and plug it on any device or directly to your body that helps you to exercise freely without having any watch, band necklace etc. on your body!

You can also opt for visualizing the power, speed or strength in the live mode or facilitate the performance monitoring in the real time. So you would know the exact stats of your pushing during different relevant exercises like bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, push-ups and other similar exercises.

One of the innovative features of Beast is Velocity based training. Just like a real-life trainer, it can guide you on the exact weight that needs to be added up or cut down on specific set that you are using for the exercise. What else, you will also get the guidance on whether your present exercise is beneficial for your or you to need to go for different exercises.

It logically utilizes the bar speed measurement to comprehend the production of the force. Now that’s something we call real Smart.

The USP of the device is that it improves your training scheme with the help of advanced improvement tracking mechanism; The performance diary maintained by this device is another helpful feature and can help you a great way in understanding the total returns of your efforts and time spent on different exercises.

6.) Vivosmart 3

The Vivosmart 3 does not have GPS but it’s well recognized sophisticated fitness tracking tools are fully capable of tracking the overall stress during the day and is able to count steps or reps when you work out in a gym.

Round the clock heart rate monitoring and automatic tracking features that can offer accurate stats on floors, steps calories, sleep, intensity and other relevant physical activity data. With its advanced notification features, you can also keep connected even when you are on the go.

There are many benefits of round the clock monitoring as it helps the device to compare the body stats during the times of activity and zero activity minutes. Body heart rate during the activities is compared to the heart rate during zero activity periods and it helps the device to accurately calculate the stress level.

Likewise, the device actively helps you in deep breathing sessions with relaxing experience. Use the Smartphone to get even more exhaustive reports about the stress levels.

7.) Moov Now

This advanced device not only tracks your activities in the real-time but also releases the instants feedback that mimics your personal trainer.

Besides, it can offer you the accurate guidance on overall performance of exercises. The sophisticated technology of Moov Now allows it to track the movements of the wearer in 3D and analyze it deeply. It ultimately helps it to offer comprehensive report during the workout and after the session is over.

One of the significant aspects of the latest version of Moov Now where the device has certainly graduated to the next level is the monitoring period. Unlike its predecessor that was designed to monitor your vital stats only during the workouts, the new model is fully capable of monitoring your biological stats throughout the day whether you are involved in a physical exercise or not. Besides, it can also track your sleep and release the comprehensible report on the same.

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