Google buys Pixate to improve its development processes

Google is well known to make acquisitions with special focus on startups and to make an investment in technologies that could help it to improve its own operations. Now, Google buys Pixate to improve its commendable design schemes across various platforms.

A Y Combinator alumnus, Pixate was launched in 2012. It helps the designers to craft mobile interactions and detailed interactive native prototypes without applying any code to it.

The Pixate created buzz when it received a funding of $3.8 million from the venture capital firm Accel Partners. Since then, Pixate had been working to generate native prototypes and finally it caught search engine giant’s attention and Google buys Pixate to improve its laudable design schemes across various platforms.

According to a blog post, the employees of Pixate will be working with the design group of Google. As Google buys Pixate, Pixate is making its Studio product free and is working to reduce the cost of its cloud services.

Google buys Pixate and Paul Colton, Pixate’s CEO wrote in a blog post regarding it:

“Today, I am very proud to announce that Pixate has joined Google’s design team.

Pixate was started three years ago with the goal to make designing and prototyping native mobile applications easy and more accessible. Our early adopters helped guide us along the path of making tools and services that best fit the needs of designers struggling to turn their ideas into reality. Today, we have companies of all sizes, from single-person startups to global corporations, using Pixate to bring their app ideas to life.
We don’t want to stop there. Our small team at Pixate has some really big ideas, and with the help of Google we’ll be able to bring those ideas to the design community at scale. We’ve become an essential part of the workflow for tens of thousands of designers, and are excited about expanding our mission at Google to reach millions of product teams worldwide.

Starting today we’re making Pixate Studio free and dramatically reducing the cost of the Pixate cloud service. You can read all about that in our FAQ. I sincerely want to thank all of you for your invaluable feedback and the endlessly inspiring prototypes you’ve created with Pixate. The landscape of design tooling is changing rapidly, and Pixate is committed to staying at the forefront.”

Google buys Pixate and it indicates that it has growing interest in improving and making advances to its development processes. Last year, Google acquired Relative Wave, which uses Visual Programming language in the backend for the development of prototype apps. Google has posted details of a roundtable conference between Matias Duarte, Google’s VP Design and the officials of Pixate and Form. If anyone is interested to know more about the acquisition he or she can read it there.

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