You can now Stalk Yourself with Google Maps Your Timeline feature

The folks over at Mountain View have released Google Maps Your Timeline feature to make Google Maps more versatile. This feature will let users track their journey on any given day, month or year, depending on the places they have been to. This new feature will display a timeline to the users that will contain complete information about the users’ whereabouts.

What’s new in Google Maps?

Google Maps Your Timeline feature will give users full control of the timeline and allow them to delete the complete history or the history of a particular day, week or month. Google also added one of the most-requested features to Google Maps called custom place names. Users can now just select any spot on the map and type in a name for it.

For instance, if you want to name your home as “Sweet Home” on the map, you can do that now. Once users are logged in to their Google account the places will be displayed with their custom names throughout all the platforms. Earlier, users could only star places, but it shows Google’s public name for that place and the custom place names are much better than it.

There is one more important update which is that Google Maps Your Timeline feature integrates with the Google Photos also. Google did that so that users can add photos of a particular location on their timeline in case they have clicked them at that place.

Google Maps Your Timeline feature will be rolled out in a gradual manner for Android devices and desktops, as of now. If users want to use Google Maps Your Timeline feature, they can access it from the slide out navigation menu, which is on the left side of the Google Maps app.

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