Google+ Collections now available on iOS

Google’s effort to build a social network that competes with Pinterest has led to the launch of Google+ Collections on iOS platform. The concept behind this feature is to give users an option to connect and get together based on their shared interests.

What does Google+ Collections offer?

Anyone can become a sort of an administrator by using Collections to share thoughts or even videos, images and links from all over the internet.

The app has been launched for the app store three months after being launched for Android and the web. Google+ Collections is a great space for self-expression without the worry of sharing too much as Collections allow you to divide various interests into this feature. It can be public, private or semi-private according to the preference of the user. Your friends using this app have the choice of following you or not.

Google+ Collections

Tweaks according to user feedback:

Except for introducing Google+ Collections on iOS, the tech giant has taken into account the feedback of the users and introduced a few tweaks. Taglines can now be added to Collections for iOS, though this has been already available for the web and Android.

Another tweak that has been announced for Collections is the capability to search for Collections. However, it is yet to be announced for iOS.

A change in Google’s strategy can be observed with regard to Google+. It is now working on making it a more concentrated space. Recently, the Photos feature was removed and connected to Maps in order to create a “Your Timeline” feature for the users.

Another move now allows regional guides to upload photos on Google Maps to the review of a particular place. Google has also disbanded Google and YouTube accounts and is trying to bring Google+ at par with Facebook.
Google+ Collections seem like Google’s best bet in order to compete with giants like Facebook with the concentration being on shared interests and not social connections.

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