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Halo 5 Opening Cinematic Is Electrifying And Dazzling

Game freaks are loving the new Halo 5 opening cinematic which sets the stage for Fireteam Osiris to drop into combat and showcase their power and efficiency. The opening cinematic has a long tracking shot that can only be described as beautiful.

About the trailer

With just a little bit over three and a half minutes, the Halo 5 opening cinematic plunges directly into action, not wasting much time with dialogues. It picks up where Halo 4 was ended, the destruction of numerous human colonies because of Forerunner technology. We see Locke all ready to go into combat, popping his helmet. This is the finest work from 343 industries which is quite evident from the havoc shown in the Halo 5 opening cinematic.

Spartan Abilities in Halo 5

The Halo 5 Guardians has included new Spartan Abilities which have replaced the Armor Abilities. The big difference between the two is that the Spartan Abilities are not limited to pickups and cooldowns. These are base player abilities and include:

  • Ground Pound: Now you can slam down on the ground from the air to kill anyone standing below you.
  • Slide: You can slide as you sprint.
  • Thruster Pack: This Thruster Pack is similar to the one in Halo 4. However, now you can move in any direction.
  • Charge: You can slam into the enemy while sprinting
  • Sprint: You sprint just like you did in Halo 4 but after some time, you can gain the velocity which is perfect to activate the Slide and Charge abilities. Shield recharge will be stopped by sprinting.
  • Clamber: Now you will be able to pull yourself up if you, by chance, miss a ledge.
  • Smart Scope: This function of zooming will apply to all the weapons but each weapon has a separate degree of zoom.

The Halo 5 opening cinematic has sent all Halo fans in a tizzy.Halo 5 will be out for Xbox One on October 27,2015.

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