Google Planning to Start a Mobile Phone Network

Google: To Venture in Wireless Service Business Industry

Google is planning to rent voice and data capacity from Sprint and T-Mobile, they will be using existing wi-fi hotspots and are not looking to build new infrastructure. Google has started this project for their Nexus 6 handset users.

The firm also has a fast broad band service known as Google Fiber, the broad band service has already disturbed the US market and is causing a lot of trouble for competitors.

Though Google is not spending money on the infrastructure but they do have a plan in mind, their recent broad band venture had made other companies drop their prices while boosting their speed without charging a high price.

The example of MVNOs in the US and elsewhere suggests that it’s hard for their operators to dramatically change the industry because of their nature

said Ian Fogg from the IHS Technology consultancy.

Many experts think that no one in the past could have thought that companies who make cell phones could never change the industry by teaming up with one network and they were all amazed at what happened with Apple and AT&T when the iPhone launched.

Google has shown everyone that it doesn’t matter where they turn their heads to, they are capable to change their direction and target different industries.Examples of existing MVNOs include Tesco Mobile, GiffGaff, Red Pocket Mobile and Virgin Mobile. This is a new venture for Google, but who knows where they will end up.

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