Two Brand New Apple Watch Apps Are Debuting

Two Brand New Apple Watch Apps Are Debuting

Apple Watch is the latest addition to the list of Apple products. Up until now, mobile developers are still thinking and developing new apps for the said product. However, some people are still questioning the capacity of Apple Watch’s apps as they can easily say that the applications for smartphones are much better as they have bigger screens.

Though it is true that there are apps that are much better to be used with smartphones, there are also some apps that are better to be used with the Apple Watch. These are usually the “invisible” apps that let you pay the items you shopped with Apple Pay, open a hotel room and many more.

Now, two brand new apps for Apple Watch are launching. These apps are none other than the oneID app and Knock app. These two debuting apps both have the same capacity and that is to unlock your Mac computer with the use of your Apple Watch. Now, unlocking your Mac computer is much easier as you can do it with just one tap.

Many Apple watch owners are now excited to install the apps and use it for the first time. With all these enticing apps, Apple Watch, along with other Apple products, are now much better and much more interesting.

If you own an Apple Watch, you better install these apps as soon as you can.

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