Google to join hands with Ford to build autonomous cars

It is anticipated that Google and Ford Motors will announce a deal on the production of self-driving cars during the Consumer Electronics Show which will take place early next month in Las Vegas, with Alan Mulally, a Member of Google’s Board and former CEO of Ford Motors, the driving force behind the move.

As Monday’s article in Yahoo Autos reported, by partnering with Ford, Google “avoids spending billions of dollars and several years that building its own automotive manufacturing expertise would require”.

According to the deal, Ford would supply the vehicles for next-generation internet connected Google cars, followed by autonomous cars. Google would avoid spending a huge sum of money creating the company’s own automotive production.

“In order to reach our long term goal of transforming mobility for millions of people we’re talking to many different companies about how to bring self-driving vehicles into the world safely, but we’re not going to comment on rumor or speculation about specific conversations“, a Google spokesperson told us today in an e-mail. The two companies are planning to build an independent enterprise to build self-directed cars. This strategy would enable the company to compete with Uber. Selfdriving cars add other layers of complication that will require major investment by the auto companies. Not just any cars, Self-Driving Cars.

“Right now, there’s no good answer, which is why we’re kind of avoiding that space”, Ford’s vice president of Research and Advanced Engineering Ken Washington said. Over the years, the American tech company already tested a large number of autonomous cars over the highways of California and Texas.

Google and Ford team up for self-driving car

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