Google’s Latest Health Feature

Google Health Info

Google has recently introduced a new health feature which will help users find out about medical conditions.

Apart from traditional links, this feature will give users complete medical illustrations and possible treatments. The service was developed with the help of doctors but the service itself is not a substitute for medical professionals and it is mainly limited to the US market.

Experts think that this is a good initiative but caution should be taken, the information needs to suit the needs of the local market.

The service will show users symptoms and their treatment. High quality illustrations will be used to show details on common conditions. The service is aimed to help users find easy to read information which they can later use to discuss with their doctor.

It seems that Google is trying to step into the health sector; this latest venture reveals that they are pretty serious about it. Last year they were funding a project to develop a detector for heart-attack and cancer.

According to sources, some risks may be involved like errors in the medical related tips. Google may have a lot on their plate as they will need to have the information checked by certified doctors. British doctors have also welcomed the thought but they have indicated that caution may be taken as this is service should not be confused as a substitute for a professional.

People rely on Google for many searches related with a vast number of topics, Google intends to enrich this experience and wants its users to utilize the resources offered by them, and this service will enable its user to be engaged with healthcare and health.


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