How to Create a Marketing Strategy for Your Real Estate Business

Real estate business can be a fiercely competitive business so it is necessary to keep up with the trends. A solid marketing strategy, among other elements, is vital for success in this line of business so you need to find just the right way to attract prospective buyers or tenants.  

Regardless of the state of the real estate business, the manner in which you plan to stand out needs to be carefully thought out and executed. In order to help you find the right marketing strategy, here are a couple of creative and efficient ideas for you to consider.

Leverage on Facebook’s life events

Most Facebook users enjoy publicizing certain evens from their private lives and life events such as anniversaries are no exceptions. Events such as pregnancy, getting married, engagements or moving to another city are some of the most popular events that people like to share with other social media users. 

This is why tracking and targeting life events on Facebook is one of the most useful tools to target the right audience. All of these events might entice a change of the living space since engaged couples and newlyweds might want a new place to live, while families who are expecting might be needing more space. Moving into a new city also means that a person might need a place to purchase or rent and this is where your marketing strategy with a precise aim will bring you more profit. 

Upload a video tour of the house

Video tours of the place have become much sought-after and for good reasons. This means saves time to both real estate agents and future tenants or buyers since they can see right away if, for instance, the room arrangement is perfect for them or if they prefer the place to have a balcony. Besides, both parties would also save money on petrol.

However, if done unprofessionally, you can leave a bad impression which could be detrimental to the marketing strategy you worked hard to build. So, you need to make sure you have the right equipment and that you put some research into it before you video it. You can even hire professionals to take care of it since any investment put into it will be returned manifold.

Provide all perspectives on the property

Your future tenants or buyers might be interested in other aspects of the property, namely, it’s neighborhood. If the house or apartment is located in an up-and-coming neighborhood, you need to leverage on that and ensure that information on the facilities which makes it special finds its place in the marketing campaign.

There might be foreigners among your clients so you need to provide them with a wider picture of the economic, political, and environmental landscape of the state, city, as well as the neighborhood in question. Any local representatives have the task of conveying that data, so for instance, the Invest Islands investment firm provides extensive market studies on owning a property on the islands such as Indonesia​. They can introduce you to the laws and regulations, types of ownership and many other data useful for a foreigner. 

Consider renting it for prospective clients

It may sound like an odd idea but in fact, from the buyer’s perspective, the idea of living in the property for a bit will greatly help them know whether that property is right for them. Imagine the reactions you would get from offering the possibility to live in the house before purchasing as a marketing strategy.

Naturally, not everyone would be able to rent it but those who you deem are serious buyers would decide in favor of the property quicker. They would get the opportunity to watch TV, take a walk around the neighborhood as well as sleep in the property which means that you would provide them with transparent data on how it would be to live in that house.

Host an event at the property

In case the property you are offering is not residential but commercial since you cannot offer them to live in the space, you can plan an event at that place. If you have the perfect place for a startup business, you can organize a luncheon for those agencies you know plan to move, grow and others you might have heard are looking for a place.

This is the perfect opportunity for networking and all parties might benefit from making new acquaintances. But first and foremost, it would be a chance to take a look at the rooms and to see if they are a fit for their needs. Also, it may happen that it doesn’t suit them but that they still recommend your real estate property to a business associate.


No matter whether you are selling or renting or if the property is residential or commercial, your approach to the marketing strategy needs to be carefully planned and innovative. If the property hasn’t been noticed so far, it is a clear sign that you need a change in your overall stance and a fresh strategy to increase your profit. Consider the property, its purpose, and the neighborhood and then incorporate the strategy which seems most compatible – you will soon notice an increase of interest for your real estate property and your business. 

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