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How To Use Fabrily & Facebook To Make Money

In a few simple steps, I’ll show you how to harness the power of Facebook ads to make good money on Fabrily

FabrilyAre you looking for a career change? Are you looking to boost your income? You are a student and you want to make money on the side to pay the tuition fees? Do you want to be your own boss and manage your time while at the same time making money? Have you ever thought of making money by selling custom apparel online? E-commerce is the fastest growing retail market in Europe. Sales in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland and Spain are expected to grow significantly by the end of this year. We’re here to elaborate what e-commerce industry is and how you can make a significant living out of this without making a big effort!

Fabrily is an e-commerce platform that empowers anyone to design and sell products that people love. Fabrily has officially become a part of Teespring, the leading commerce platform in the industry in March 2015. Its world-class platform powers all aspects of bringing merchandise to life from production and manufacturing to supply chain, logistics, and customer service. Fabrily is creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs,stay at home moms, and anyone generally who wants to be her/his own boss and work the hours that suit you. We bring together unparalleled expertise in production quality, technology, pricing, shipping, and strategic growth. With Fabrily you can sell high quality branded, custom t-shirts with no cost and make money from anywhere in the world. You collect the profits, we’ll handle all the rest.

Fabrily helps its Sellers to use Facebook Ads in order to promote their campaigns and make more money. Below you’ll find all the steps you need to know:

Why should I use Facebook ads to promote my campaign?

Facebook advertising plays a crucial part in the online marketing world and is the dominant platform for our sellers to promote their products. However, with so many advertising options available on Facebook how do you know where to start? How can you make the most of Facebook ads to boost your sales?

What kind of Facebook ad should I choose?

There are 3 main ad types with different objectives and behaviors:

  1. Send People To Your Website
  2. Increase Conversions On Your Website
  3. Boost Your Posts


To start off with we want to focus on one ad type only. The PPE ad is the most commonly used ad type and it’s also quite easy to start off with so we will focus on this type for now. The aim of the ad is to get engagement (e.g. likes, shares, comments etc.) and Facebook optimizes for that. This means that Facebook will serve the ad to those people within your chosen target audience who are very likely to engage with the ad – because they have shown that kind of behavior in the past. This is what a PPE ad looks like:

If someone clicks on a PPE ad, he/she will be taken to an enlarged picture of the ad within Facebook. The buyer then has to click on the link in the ad text (above the ad image) to get to your campaign page. People who go through the extra step of clicking the link in the ad text are likely to be very passionate about the niche and likely to buy the product. The high engagement this ad type can achieve can also give you free traffic (particularly through shares and tags).

That’s why we will focus on this ad type in the beginning. The more experienced you get, the more testing you can do and see how the other ad types perform for you.

What do I need to set up a PPE ad?

We want to show the ad in the Facebook Newsfeed and on mobile devices, for that we have to run the ad off a Facebook page. The page name will appear on the top of the ad and is regarded as the “advertiser”. We recommend you set up a separate page for each niche (e.g. one for all your cycling campaigns, one for all designs for mechanics, etc). When people see the ad, click on the page and like it, you will automatically build a following for each niche.

To create a FB page, go to the little top arrow in the menu bar of your Facebook account and click on “Create Page“. This won’t take more than 5 minutes! Simply:

  • choose a positive name for the page (e.g. “I love camping”)
  • choose a banner image and profile picture. In our example, you’d simply search for ‘camping banner’ on Google Images. For the profile picture, search ‘camping logo’ and pick one you like. Make sure you don’t use copyright images.
  • pre-populate your page with some content (e.g. a meme image, an article etc.). This will make your page, and thus the ad, more trustworthy. If someone doesn’t trust the ad and clicks on the page to see the “person” behind the ad, you will get more credit if the page looks genuine!

We also need a nice ad image to show our product to potential buyers. You can use “AdFactory” to create an appealing ad image. Make the design big and visible so people can read it on first sight when scrolling through Facebook. Keep it simple and focused on the t-shirts and design. Ideally a PPE ad image has the dimensions 1000×1000.

How can I set up my Facebook ad?

First, go to your Facebook page and create a new post. Upload the ad image you’ve just created and add some catchy selling text and the campaign URL. Publish it just like a normal post. This post will become our ad.

Then go to and click on “Boost your posts”. That’s exactly what we want to do now, boost (meaning promote) the post we’ve just created on our page. First you have to select your page and then the post we’ve just created, or you can also create a new one by clicking on the plus (+) sign.

Next choose your target audience. Select their location, age range, etc. and most importantly their interests. Keep that audience between 50.000 & 150.000 people.

Then enter a daily budget – we recommend setting it to £10 to start off with. After around £7 spent you can make the decision if you want to continue the ad or stop it depending on its performance.Set a schedule for your ad; choose how long it should run for. We recommend that you launch the ad at 3 pm in the target market. The best-selling days are usually Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and most sales take place after around 5 pm.

That’s it! Then you just launch the ad and after Facebook has reviewed the ad it will go live. You can make changes to your ads at any time, you can change the targeting, budget, schedule and you can turn it off whenever you like. Just go to to monitor the ad’s performance and to make adjustments!




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