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Malfunction Detected In F-35s

Marine Corps F-35 Lightning II Aircraft

The Fighter plane F-35 had a software problem and engineers discovered that when the fighter flies in formation, there is a malfunction with target detection. At the moment, the Air Force has not given a date on when this malfunction will be corrected.

The problem is with the sensors as when there is more than 2 F-35s, their sensors stop working. The F-35 is unable to detect threats when in formation; it may see it as several objects. Navy experts have teamed up with engineers to fix the sensor issue, they are adjusting the fusion algorithms for the 2B software, and this will correct the sensor issue of detecting threats during formation.

The F-35 is a state of the art fighter plane which has digital maps, radar, sensors combined into a single screen operating picture for the pilot to control and view. The F-35 is also equipped with an Electro-Optical Target System (EOTS) this is a device which works through an infrared sensor and it assists the pilots to target air and ground targets. It also helps the pilot to perform laser designation. The fighter plane also has the ability to track fire and detect incoming missiles.

The F-35 is also equipped with a powerful computer and can scan electromagnetic signals which can be scanned by its Radar. All of the sensors are merged with the F-35’s computer and the fighter plane has the ability to provide the pilot with a complete view of the battlefield while sharing information in real time.

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