Microsoft Warns about a Hacking Bug

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A bug that can enable hackers to spy on computers is called the “Freak”. This bug can let hackers spy on secured communications. This bug is found in software which is used to encrypt data. At first, it was thought that this was some software glitch which affected a few android and Apple users.

According to the warning issued by Microsoft, millions might be in danger of losing their data. Microsoft says that the risk is serious; this bug was discovered by Karthikeyan Bhargavan (encryption and security expert). He says that the bug lets the hackers to force data transfer between a visitor and a weak website to use encryption. This opens new doors for hackers and makes is very easy for them to get the information that they want.

According to statistics which were gathered by computer experts, there is a huge risk to the webs top one million websites, 9.5% of them are susceptible to a cyber-attack. There is also an online developed by the monitoring group to check if a browser is vulnerable to this bug.

Google has already updated its Mac version of chrome and Apple will make a patch for this bug next week. These steps are taken so that the susceptibility is removed but at the moment, many are looking forward to see what action is taken to resolve this issue.

On March 5th, Microsoft issued a security advisory note which stated that anyone who is using windows and internet explorer is susceptible to the bug but it was not mentioned that the bug is being used by hackers or cyber criminals. At the moment, it’s known to be a flaw.

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