New Method Enables UHD (4k) to Use less Bandwidth

4K Ultra High Definition TV

A new method of data compression will enable users to watch Ultra High Definition (UHD) while using only 50% of their bandwidth. This is done by V-Nova and they have gathered 20 large telecoms, IT companies and Broadcast companies to support their latest technology known as “Perseus Technology”.

The Average bandwidth In the UK is about 22Mb per second, this means that it could support three 4k streams at a time. The latest method uses the different cores of the processor to give the user an excellent picture.

Netflix a movie streaming firm have requested their users to have a connection of 25mbps while V-Nova says that users can experience the same picture quality with a connection between 7 to 8Mbps. Experts say that this might change a lot of things, especially with internet companies and their broadband packages in the future.

According to one expert, this is cutting edge technology and many will welcome it, especially companies who want more 4k sales. While this is an exciting prospect, there are many factors that limit this technology, for example a question comes that whether the networks have the ability to meet the demand and do they have the ability to display ultra HD pictures.

The ultra HD segment is a unique niche but this new technology will help to break the ice, with this technology, users will be able to watch ultra HD on their smart phones and tablets.

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