Google’s Chrome Powered Computers

Google Chrome OS on Laptop

Google is going to be making Chrome powered computers but they are not set for the high priced market. Google intends to sell these at a reasonable price. The computer looks like a large USB stick, it is a very innovative and functional design and can be plugged in the HDMI port of computers, TVs and monitors.

Google also revealed that the Chrome laptops will be sold at $149, according to tech experts it’s a great price and would create a healthy competition in the market. The competition would be mainly with Microsoft who are also developing a hybrid laptop but Microsoft will be selling at a higher price.

According to experts, this is a sector which is booming and is the cash cow of the market. The cost of hardware is decreasing and schools want kids to have the latest technology while parents want their kids to own a computer.

This is why Google is stepping into the low priced segment where they will be entry level laptops so parents can buy it for their kids. The primary target market for Google is the parents who will be buying for themselves and their children.

Many experts believe that this is a great move on Google’s end and will produce a long term financial benefit. Once Google and Microsoft introduces these products to their market, they will induce brand loyalty and trust, given that the product is reliable and works as the company has intended.

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