New Software Boasts Ability To Force Content To Go Viral On Facebook

Viral Autobots Bonus
Viral Autobots Bonus

Allen, TX: A new software program has been released that promises to make Facebook Fan Pages go viral with the click of a button. The software, Viral Autobots, was developed by an Australian company and just hit the Internet on December 9th, 2015. In addition, is offering a bonus for anyone who purchases the software.

“Stories and content on social media already spread at a fast pace,” said Chris Jones, owner of, “and I think we’re going to see that the Viral Autobots software is going to speed things up even more.”

It’s no secret that celebrities and big companies use a wide array of tools and big budgets to force their content to go viral, but this may be the first time a tool of this nature is available to a small business owner or the budding artist looking for a PR boost.

The software boasts its ability to:

  • Gather trending content automatically
  • Post the top content to a Facebook fanpage on a specified schedule
  • Do everything automatically without user intervention after set up

“The internet has always been a place where the little guy can win; it’s leveled the playing field”, remarked Jones. “I think this is going to level it even more and it’s a great thing. It will only force the big guys to step their game up even more, just like the other innovations we’ve seen over time on the ‘net.”

The impact this will have on the social media industry remains to be seen, since the software is so new. Time will tell if this adds to efficiency, or just bogs down the web with a flood of information., however, is confident that the Internet will be able to handle the speed.

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