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Online Backup Solutions for Businesses

Many businesses invest in backup tools to reduce the risk of losing valuable information concerning their various transactions. In most cases, the backing up is done on hardware such as external hard drives which are able to carry large amounts of data. However, the chances of these external drives getting lost or damaged is quite high thus making it important to have another backup option. Fortunately, there are a number of online business backup solutions available for business owners that want to ensure that they never lose data. In most cases the backup is done on the cloud, making it possible for files to be backed up automatically and be accessed from any location as well.

Although online backup solutions are quite a number, there are some that have proven to the best choice for businesses and they include:

  1. SOS Online Backup is the leading choice for many business owners because of its tools and unique features. It has a simple interface which makes it easy to use even for users that are interacting with it for the first time. Its back up capabilities is quite diverse as it can store copies of files from external drives, network drives, mobile apps and even Facebook posts. When these files are uploaded into SOS, they are never deleted, making it possible to access them many years later. Even with all these features, its fast speeds is what sets it apart from many backup solutions tailor made for businesses.

To keep up with the needs of businesses, SOS Online Backup has introduced better security as well as privacy for their clients. The innovative tools include bandwidth throttling, quick location of devices and remote back up among others. Finally, the costs involved in having this backup solution part of your business might seem to be a bit high but the rewards are worth it.

  1. Open Drive offers a business version of its online backup solution which has excellent management features useful for small businesses. Its annual fee is affordable for a good package of features that include online storage, sharing, syncing and backup. Furthermore, its price plans are reasonable for software clients, businesses and personal use that need to transfer files from Windows, Android, Mac and Web. The pricing plans offered by Open Drive can be customized to meet the needs of customers especially businesses that are looking for affordable yet quality service.

Due to Open Drive’s good interface, new users do not have to go through a lot of tutorials before they can start using the backup solution. Its drag and drop capability makes transfer of files easy and fast, especially for new users that would not know how to handle complicated features that are common in other online backup solutions.

  1. SugarSync is an all-in-one data backup solution that offers businesses extra features compared to other similar ones. Its extra features include its ability to let users share albums and files between their devices and the cloud. Its mobile app is compatible with any OS, meaning that you can access various forms of data without having to be in front of the computer. In addition, it offers fast speeds, file syncing and 5GB space that can be used for as long as it is needed. Even so, setting up a SugarSync account can be a bit costly for businesses that are running on a low cost budget.

If you are unsure of signing up for SugarSync, then take advantage of their trial version which lasts thirty days. The trial is available on all the pricing plans available on the site which gives you a chance to test them out before committing to a particular plan. During this period, business users can increase their space through referrals of their service to other interested clients.

  1. IDrive is the ideal backup solution for businesses that work with a lot of machines because they can all be included with the account. Its backup speeds are quite fast regardless of the plan that is selected by a business. Even so, the pricing plans are categorized into personal or business, thus making it easier to select the best one for your business. Although the minimum storage space available within a plan is 1000GB it can be upgraded to 10,000GB depending on the business needs. Furthermore, if you sign up on the business version, you are entitled to a number of extra features such as backup servers, MySQLdatabases as well as creation of sub accounts. This is one of the cloud backup solutions for small business that is worth trying out for new users.
  2. Justcloud is ideal for businesses that are operating on a budget but are still seeking backup solutions that are high quality. This online platform allows the account that has been set up to connect as many machines as needed as long as it does not surpass the GB assigned to it. If you sign up for its business version then you are entitled to a few extras such as MySQL databases, backup servers and ability to create sub accounts.

The reliability of Justcloud depends on its many servers that enable the site to handle a lot of traffic and need for storage. Its interface is also easy to learn making it an effective tool for any business serious about having their data stored safely. As soon as the software provided by JustCloud is installed in a PC, users can encrypt their data using a special key given to them on the site. Even so, the service can also handle a number of devices such as Android, MACs and iOS devices among others.

In general, making a final decision to sign up for the right online backup solution can take some time for businesses because of the many options available. However, with continuous research on the options available and even trying them out, business owners can be able to narrow down to the ones that meet their particular needs.


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