Now Preorder Your Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch

Last month, Pebble Time smartwatch started selling in the retail after the successful KickStarter campaign. But the smartwatch company is not slowing down as today the company is opening up preorders of the Pebble Time Steel smartwatch for everyone and the shipments will be available in six to eight weeks. However, the Kickstarter backers will get the delivery within a week.

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What has been improved in the Pebble Time Steel smartwatch?

The Pebble’s new smartwatch is essentially the advanced version of the Pebble Time with nearly same design and functionality. The major difference between the two is that Time Steel is made completely of steel. The display of the watch has been enhanced to have a better look and feel, and the battery life has also been enhanced.

According to a report by the Verge, after using the Pebble Time Steel smartwatch for six days, it didn’t require a single recharge. It is reported that the watch is slightly bulkier than the Pebble Time watch. The small 64-color LCD is still having limited palette and muted colors, but the display is now less reflective, improving the quality of indoor text reading. This smartwatch does not have the visible air gap between the LCD panel and glass lens as that in the display of Pebble Time.

The Time Steel will have the same software interface as that of the Pebble Time’s, but the company has included a new Timeline feature that will let users look forward or backward in time to see weather information, events and some other useful data. Pebble companion app and the app store for Android and iOS needs to be improved and get more watchfaces and apps.

The Pebble Time Steel smartwatch has two variants, you can purchase the leather strap variant for $249 and if you want to buy steel band variant it will cost nearly $299. But, we think that the price is not according to the features.

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