Apple official website gets a makeover and gets integrated with the online Apple store once and for all

Apple official website gets a makeover with some changes in the main design and also gets integrated once and for all with the Apple online store. The web address “” ceases to exist and redirects to the “”

Apple official website gets a makeover and an Apple spokesperson said:

“We redesigned knowing that our customers want to explore, research and shop in one place. The new takes the very best of our existing site and our online store to give customers one simple destination to learn and buy without navigating between two different sites.”

Apple official website gets a makeover

Apple official website gets a makeover, what does that change for the user?

Apple’s online store is now completely integrated with the Apple’s official website. The unification of the main website with the Apple store gives a much more simple view than before. Now, a shopping bag icon appears on the upper right-hand side of the website, which represents a virtual shopping cart and you can view items selected by you for purchase, items you have favorited and the status of your order.

Purchases on the Apple website will be even easier than before, as customers no longer need to navigate a number of pages to make a purchase. You will see “Buy buttons” in each specific product page, and if you click them, the product will be added to the bag shown at the top right of the website. Earlier users were directed to the Apple online store to make a purchase.

Apple official website gets a makeover and gets integrated with Apple store, but the tech giant chose to leave the product pages like the iPad, iPhone and Mac practically unchanged, maintaining the same old designs of the Apple Online Store. Our conclusion is that the revamped has enhanced the complete user experience; especially the shopping experience is much smoother and faster than before.

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