Reddit new block user feature will help users to deal with bullies

For the last few months, Reddit has started addressing online abuse, and yesterday the company took a big step toward helping users gain some control over bullies. Reddit new block user feature would help users to shield themselves against harassment on the site.

Reddit new block user feature
Reddit new block user feature

The company wrote in an announcement regarding Reddit new block user feature:

“Believe it or not, we’ve actually had a ‘block user’ feature in a basic form for quite a while, though over time its utility focused to apply to only private messages. We’ve recently updated its behavior to apply more broadly: you can now block users that reply to you in comment replies as well.”

To block any abusive user from replying to your comment, simply click the “Block User” button while you’re viewing the reply in your inbox. Once you click on the “Block User,” the profile of the blocked user along with his/her posts, comments and messages will never come in front of you.

You’ll not be alerted if that blocked user sends you any further messages. The blocked user will never get to know that he has been blocked by you. You can view and remove blocks on your preferences page.

The company said Reddit new block user feature is intended to let users decide what they want—or don’t want. The company said that it’ll continue to improve the user experience of Reddit, and will take the required steps in the future.

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