The Search Giant announced the delay of Google Project Ara for modular smartphones till 2016

Yesterday, the search giant announced on Twitter the delay of Google Project Ara for modular smartphones till 2016.

What is Google Project Ara for modular smartphones?

This project by search giant is aimed to develop an open hardware platform for building highly modular smartphones. This platform will have a structural frame, which will hold smartphone modules of your choice, such as a camera, display, processor, RAM and everything.

Google Project Ara for modular smartphones

Google Project Ara would let you upgrade individual modules or swap out modules which are not working properly, which will provide longer lifetime cycles for the handset reduce the electronic waste.

The company Tweeted:

Google Project Ara for modular smartphones has been one of the most talked about projects of the search giant. In May 2015, the company gave the developers and the media an official demonstration of a Project Ara smartphone. Earlier this year, a prototype referred to as Spiral 2 was also demonstrated that was supposed to be launched before the end of the year.

What are the reasons that Project Ara is delayed till 2016?

The heads of the project explained on Twitter that they have decided to delay the launch of these new smartphones to 2016 because it required more simulations and tests than their expectations. Despite the project’s delay, many of its partners are already working on modules compatible for the phone.

Google Project Ara for modular smartphones has been delayed repeatedly for the past two years. Eventually, people’s interest in the project might fade away, if the project delays further. If people lose interest in the project, it would be a hard setback for all the resources the company has invested in Project Ara.

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