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The Game Volume starring Andy Serkis marks the comeback of duo Mike Bithell and Danny Wallace

The game Volume starring Andy Serkis marks the comeback of duo Mike Bithell and Danny Wallace; and our expectations are high! Remember how enduring and engaging we found. Well, its developer, Mike Bithell is back with a brand new game of action and observation called Volume.

About the game Volume:

The game Volume starring Andy Serkis is all about stealth and patterns. It involves a series of isometric maps that go up to 100 that are viewed from a high angle. Each map has gadgets, obstacles, resolution, rewards and pathways to offer.

Our hero is actually a thief on the lines of Robin Hood. He has to overcome the guards who are the obstacles. The gadgets offered by maps can be very helpful if they are used in the right way.

Plot of the new game starring Andy Serkis:

The legend of Robin Hood forms the base of the game Volume starring Andy Serkis. Charlie McDonnell is the voice of Robert Locksley, a small time thief who somehow stumbles onto a device called Volume. The device grants its user the power to simulate heists, which are actually a part of a secret attempt of a coup by military.

The device has a built in artificial intelligence which has been voiced by Danny Wallace, who also featured in Bithell’s previous game. The artificial intelligence guides Robert on using the device.

Game Volume starring Andy Serkis
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Robert reaches to a decision of using the device to broadcast simulation of all notorious crimes all over the Internet. Robert eventually has to face Guy Gisborne who has been played by The Lord of the Rings actor Andy Serkis. He plays the CEO of a company that has overtaken England and runs the country as a corporatocracy.

Our Verdict of the Game Volume starring Andy Serkis:

We simply cannot wait to play this game further! We expect that as the game progresses, many more maps, patterns and patrols will be produced. Bitchell has successfully developed a game whose mind boggling puzzles demand your 100% attention.

The quiet anger you sense throughout the game is well balanced with elegance and intelligence. The game Volume starring Andy Serkis definitely speaks volumes about the talent of everyone involved in this venture. The game Volume is available on Microsoft Windows, OS X and PS 4. It will be available soon on PlayStation Vita soon.

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