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Sony SmartBand 2 Unveiled By Japanese Electronics Giant To Take On FitBit

Today, in Tokyo, the Japanese electronics giant unveiled the Sony SmartBand 2 that will come with a heart-rate monitor, LED notifications and is water and dust proof.

Key features of Sony’s latest wearable:

The SmartBand 2 will come with a heart rate sensor, which according to the company will help you keep track of changes in your heart rate while exercising and can also monitor your stress levels. For the first time, Sony is opening its fitness tracker for iPhone users.

Sony SmartBand 2

Lifelog app of Sony will collect and manage the data collected by the smartband and will provide “inspiring motivational prompts based on your activity.”

The Sony’s second generation wearable can automatically detect when you are sleeping and will measure your sleep. The gadget will also give data regarding how well you slept and can wake you up at the right time of your sleeping cycle.

You can also use the wearable safely while swimming as it is IP68 certified, which means it is can withstand submersion in water up to 3 meters for 30 minutes and is dust-protected.

The device doesn’t come with a display

The Sony SmartBand 2 does not come with a display so you will need to rely on the device’s colorful LEDs to interpret the notifications. The LED’s will notify you of new messages, calls, emails or social media updates. Since the Smartband lacks a display, it has a longer battery life (two days) than other fitness trackers, but less than the FitBit.

What is the price of Sony SmartBand 2?

The Sony SmartBand 2 will cost nearly $132 and will be available in September. Initially, the device will be available in white and black silicon covers; soon pink and indigo varieties will also be available.



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