The Rise of Battery-Free Devices with K3OPS Stick’N Charge

A world in which everyone can freely use all kinds of devices that use free energy. Well, that day is not so far away. Is it possible to forget about the days of having to charge your devices? This is a serious question that has been answered by K3OPS using a little magic sticker.

K3OPS has introduced their brand new product line which focuses on clean and free energy. In fact, these devices will not only make it possible for users to use energy in an unlimited way but also to build an environment that is clean of all the different electrochemical devices, which are used nowadays to convert chemical energy into electrical energy and hence destroy the environment.

K3OPS Stick’N Charge is the first step in the right direction after a very long time. In fact, it’s a simple sticker can power many different devices, ranging from remote controls to mobile phones. Technically, it’s an RF energy harvesting instrument which can uses and recycles the energy derived from ambient electromagnetic radiation field to either operate or charge most of your devices. Can you image how cool it would be, to wake up one day not ever thinking whether your device would run out of juice? Well we are trying to make that day real.


WEI Xin 魏信 has become a real legend; the young mathematician is not only the most famous face of the company K3OPS (co-founded with Alexandre Despallieres) but has become a star in China. His name appears everywhere with millions of views on every video he posts.

We wanted to find out more about the secret of his success, in a recent interview WEI Xin declared: “I simply follow Xi Jinping 习近平 steps because he is a man of honor and for me, an example of courage and determination. He dare to initiate an unprecedented campaign against corruption, made important market economic reforms, strengthening legal, l institutions and initiated, with his wife PENG Liyuan 彭丽媛, an icon, a stunning singer, the “Chinese Dream”. But it goes deeper than that, my President initiatives related to energy and natural resources made me so proud of him, so I came up with a solution as answers to this problematic. In china, we needed a leader strong enough to give us the strength to believe in our idea without losing our culture, or our tradition. A great country needs Artists and his wife delivers the right message, a great country needs also scientists to show that we are able. All of this became possible because our president is down to earth and an amazing problem solver leader who succeeded to impose restrictions over ideological discourse. I kept in mind what he declared: “China was a sleeping lion, the Lion is now awake, but it is a peaceful Lion. I have nothing to add – in life you need a mentor.”

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It is clear that WEI Xin loves his country and that he did succeeded in reuniting China and France for the best. Now you might think that K3OPS is only about technology but it isn’t. Their outlook is to show the world that all human beings are obliged to give something back to the society not just to take. K3OPS have a mission, to relate to people in an intricate level in order to protect human lives, with Stick’n Charge it’s a real official goodbye to batteries. And hence to introduce something that will help in many different ways and most importantly save so many lives, the lives of people who risk it for mineral extraction and other hazardous tasks for making batteries.

All of these things make the new Stick’N charge so much more impressive! Is that the sound of a funeral march I hear coming for batteries?

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