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HTC Vive

After many years of expectation, it seems that 2016 will be the year that virtual reality finally goes mainstream. This year’s E3 video game trade fair certainly made a strong case for VR technologies with all of the main tech companies showcasing a fascinating selection of games and products that

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vr online gaming
Gaming Consoles

Five years ago,it appeared as though virtual and augmented realities were fanciful concepts that were potential more than a decade away from the consumer mainstream. The pace of technological advancement has never been more pronounced, however, meaning that 2016 is set to be the year of virtual reality (VR) and

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Sony Virtual Reality Headset

The latest version of Morpheus will be launched by Sony in 2016. The latest version is said to have better features and gamer’s all around the world are waiting to see what it can do. The new Morpheus will have an OLED display instead of the LCD display. This means

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