Sony will Launch its Virtual Reality Headset in 2016

Sony Virtual Reality Headset

The latest version of Morpheus will be launched by Sony in 2016. The latest version is said to have better features and gamer’s all around the world are waiting to see what it can do.

The new Morpheus will have an OLED display instead of the LCD display. This means that the colors will be bright and sharp bringing it in the line of Oculus. It is capable of running at 120 FPS; this means that it will reduce the chances of nausea and has a refresh rate of 90 FPS.

The specifications of Oculus are not confirmed yet but recent demonstrations indicate that the Oculus runs at 90 FPS.

The Morpheus is mainly developed for gaming and will unitize the PS4 platform; a shooter game was developed recently to test the capability of the device. People are expecting a high performance from this device which could have a carryover in the gaming environment.

The Morpheus is also compatible with the dual shock controller and Sony claims that people will not feel sick and will find the gaming experience to be smooth.

The device has built in gyroscope sensors and accelerometers with a 5.7 inch screen. There is a quick release button so that the headset can be easily removed. The device is made to give the users a high quality VR experience and there is a tracking system called “Lighthouse” which will enable users to experience virtual space in 3d, just like in real life. The high speed tracking enables the user to experience an almost real experience.

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