The Best Tech Presents For Christmas 2015


Christmas is fast approaching and with crazy Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals finally settling down it’s a good time for those that missed out to pick up some great value tech toys before it’s too late. With this in mind, we take a look at just some of the best tech-related gifts you can buy for a loved one this Christmas.


This month is set to see an explosion of Star Wars- related merchandise once more as the next chapter in the sci-fi saga opens in theatres. ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ picks up from where the original trilogy ended and will see a number of familiar faces return. We will also be introduced to a new and already recognisable droid character called BB-8. And this spherical little robot has been turned into a cool remote control version that can be controlled with voice commands through your smartphone and can even project video.

SONY SMARTWATCH 3 – RRP Price: $300.00

This past year was the year of the smartwatch and so it only seems fitting that stores are stocking up on these fantastically cool wearable devices. Many of the top level watches do come with a significant price tag attached but if you’re looking for one that suits your budgetary requirements a little better then the Sony Smartwatch 3 is the way to go. Available for about half the RRP at online stores like Amazon, the SS3 has smartphone compatible built in GPS, a transflective screen and includes a USB charging port making it a lot easier to power up on the go.



Lovers of remote controlled gadgets will be thrilled by the fact that quadcopter drones are now one of the must-have boy’s toys this season. There is a huge range of drones now available to buy that not only vary in size but also quality. The Phantom 3 Professional is a robust model drone that features a 4K camera and 12-megapixel sensor. There’s little currently on the market that offers similar quality at a price that only just exceeds £1000. There’s even an Advanced model you can pick up for under £800 if you’re willing to give up the 4K quality shots.

APPLE IPAD AIR 2 – RRP Price: $500.00

The latest lightweight iPad Air comes packed with 2GB of memory and a new and improved Apple A8X processor. It’s the best tablet on the market if commentators are to be believed and a breeze to use no matter what your tablet experience is. It’s a beautifully crafted piece of tech that even includes the Touch ID fingerprint feature included in the most recent iPhone releases. And it’s good news for gamers too because the Apple iPad Air 2 offers faster and slicker gameplay as well as heightened speed and crisper graphics; the perfect gift for those with a penchant for playing everything from Angry Birds to a number of classic casino titles at one of the plethora of slot sites available on the web and in the App store.

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