Volkswagen Will Compensate TDI Owners

Following Volkswagen’s admission that it installed software to cheat emissions tests performed on its diesel vehicles, Attorney General Maura Healey issued an advisory with information to help affected drivers. This process will take four weeks for the customer to receive the “goodwill package” and needs to be brought to the dealer to avail their gift card and Visa debit cards that is worth $500 each, according to USA Today.

Described as a goodwill gesture, the cards are being offered to owners of 2.0-litre diesel-engined cars built between 2009 and 2015.

However, considering there are over 350 lawsuits against VW over the emissions scandal, lawyers for the plaintiffs have serious questions about the cardholder agreement.

Industry data showed that about 95,000 Volkswagen cars and 30,000 Audi vehicles could face a recall in connection with the emissions fabrication scandal.

And that’s how many owners are viewing it. Brenda Andrews owns a Jetta TDI and feels clearly betrayed: “I kept telling myself that the emissions and clean diesel and excellent miles per gallon made up for the rough ride and loud road noise”.

Volkswagen is also offering free roadside assistance for the diesel vehicles for three years.

VW union chief Bernd Osterloh said last Friday the announcement of cuts by VW brand chief Herbert Diess had broken German rules on co-determination by executives and labor, and demanded immediate talks with company bosses. VW needs to fully cooperate with federal criminal and civil investigations that may provide more redress to taxpayers and vehicle owners, Richard Blumenthal of CT and Edward Markey of MA said in a statement. Affected owners have already been notified of the necessary steps.

Kalafer said he hasn’t heard yet from any customers about Volkswagen’s offer, but he expects they’ll want more from the company to address the many issues raised by the emissions scandal. That added to the 11 million vehicles with diesel engines rigged to fool regulatory tests.

“If we get them to clarify, people should take it at face value and proceed to use the money as they see fit”, Coffin said.

UK-VOLKSWAGEN-EMISSIONS-BRITAIN-GERMANY:VW says software in larger diesel models not seen as problematic by Germany

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