War Of Megapixels: The New Canon 250 Megapixel Camera Take Things To The Next Level!

The camera maker from Japan just took things to the next level with the release of the new Canon 250 megapixel camera. The new sensor camera with its 250 megapixels can click a mammoth 19,580 X 12,600 high resolution photograph with its APS-H CMOS sensor, which, according to the Japanese manufacturer has set a new world record when it comes to resolution of photographs.

new Canon 250 megapixel camera

Features Of The New Canon 250 Megapixel Camera:

Canon claims that the new sensor has the capability of distinguishing the alphabets written on the side of a plane from a distance of 18 km.

The new APS-H sensor is bigger than APS-C in size, but is smaller than full-frame and is basically used on Canon’s EOS-1D line of DSLRs. With a signal readout speed of 1.24 billion pixels per second, the sensor gives you blazing fast speed and has a good noise performance in spite of its huge pixel count.

The sensor being 30 times sharper than 4K at five frames per second can capture amazing high-resolution video. According to Canon, the new sensor technology is so efficient that it can be used as a tool for crime prevention and specialized surveillance as well as in industries for measuring instruments with its ultra-high-resolution and in the field of visual expression.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the New Canon 250 Megapixel Camera:

However, readers should know that most people, even professional photographers do not require a resolution of more than 50 megapixels which is way less than 250 megapixels. Also, the higher the megapixels, higher will be the storage space an image requires and computers, smartphones and camera will take longer to process those images. Also,it will take more time to transfer images over a network.

However, high resolution of the new Canon 250 megapixel camera means improved quality of images and the ability to crop images to concentrate on a particular subject which is helpful in making videos and images sharper even in lower resolution. They also look crystal clear when a poster-size photo is printed.

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