White House calls Ryan’s immigration remarks ‘preposterous’

“That’s going to work itself out”.

After being welcomed by lawmakers with a long ovation and thanking Boehner for his 25 years of service in the House, he said bluntly that the USA lower house of Congress was “broken” and was not “solving problems”. And if we can come up with more financing down the road, we can add more years to the bill. “We have to be the alternative party”. The House late last month approved legislation reauthorizing the Bank, with a majority of House Republicans backing renewal. Rep. Mick Mulvaney, one of the chattier Freedom Caucus members, told reporters last week that Ryan has to win “at least something better than we would have gotten under Mr. Boehner”.

“Reforming our immigration system, securing our borders would be good for America”. Will he work toward his own desire for more comprehensive immigration reform, or will he listen to the voices of the conservative movement who are fed up with the business-as-usual approach? It is a job that he initially didn’t want, but he now says as Speaker he can now work to unify an extremely divided Congress. Ryan sat down with our Dana Bash to discuss his decision to take the job and the demands he had for taking it. Take a listen.

Newly elected House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis., gavels in the House Chamber on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, October 29, 2015.

In response, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest called Ryan’s comments on an immigration overhaul “ironic”. They don’t think the federal government will keep its commitments. But Congress still has to delineate how to dole out the pot across government departments and agencies before the stopgap measure keeping the government running expires on December 11.

Here’s What Happened When Paul Ryan Was Asked

Obama’s executive orders have given approximately five million immigrants in the country illegally a path to legal status. “Presidents don’t write laws, Congress writes laws”, the speaker said.

As a former committee chairman himself, Ryan says he favors handing more power back to the committees and opening up bills to more amendments so the rank and file can have a greater say.

In the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, candidate Donald Trump and others have talked tough about illegal immigration.

“I don’t think leadership should be trying to, you know, covet power and write legislation”, he said on Fox News Sunday. So, we have to be an effective opposition party but, most importantly, No. 4, I think that means we have to be a proposition party. Two of the dirtiest words among Republican voters these days are “professional politician”, and if anyone qualifies for that designation it is Paul Ryan, who has spent his entire adult life in politics.

In fact, Congress refused to pass an immigration law and so the President finally took action from the executive office, changing the implementation of existing laws.

“Instead he shirks responsibility and brushes the issue away by raising a favorite specter of the right – government mandates”, said Wasserman Schultz, a House member from Florida. “We’re not for making Medicare a voucher program”.

After a tumultuous process that included an 11th-hour dropout and a protracted begging/negotiating session, Republicans finally have their new leader. We’ve been too timid on vision.

“We have none”, Ryan said. And we owe it to the country to show that different direction. “This is how we’ll fix the problems that working families are facing”.

A minute earlier, the hawkish senator had said that Obama’s Syrian policy was the “worst possible outcome” and warned of another major terror attack on US soil because of Obama’s lack of commitment to the region.

He left the door open to consider tightening immigration enforcement, including border and interior security, but reiterated his refusal to advance comprehensive immigration reform. The first is that Ryan essentially delivered four versions of what amounted to the same press release about the promise he made in order to secure his new position. “Throwing Republicans under the bus is not in my job description”, he said.

But Ryan explained that this personal view does not correlate with his public policy opinion.

“If I really wanted to be president, I would have run in this cycle for the presidency”. Remember? “I don’t have the time“.

Republican Paul Ryan elected speaker of the House

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