WordPress Plugins Every Beginner Must be Aware Of

Assuming that you are new to the world of WordPress, you will shortly realize how awesome this Content Management System (CMS) is. Website development has been generalized as a difficult task mainly because programming languages like C++ and HTML are involved in it. However, a large number of people who do not have even basic knowledge of programming are now owners of some exceptionally well-built websites. The two reasons behind this are that they either got the website built by paying a hefty amount or they read the basics of WordPress.
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The interface of WordPress as a CMS is so user-friendly that probably anyone with basic knowledge of computer and internet can develop a decent website or blog using this platform. However, what do you think makes this possible? Do you really think a CMS alone is capable of developing a professional website? Definitely not because plugins play a main role here. There are thousands of plugins available either for free or for purchasing, some of which you will need regardless of which website or blog you intend to develop.

These plugins are custom-built by experts for various purposes so that the need for having knowledge of programming can be eliminated. So as a beginner, following are four plugins that you should be aware of before you start your own website or blog:

  • BackupBuddy: In any task that you perform, one essential thing that needs to be done is backing up the data you upload or save. You never know when the data corrupts and if it does, you might lose some very valuable information. If you had created a backup, the corrupted or lost data can easily be recovered thereby saving you from the loss that could have been unaffordable. Therefore, BackupBuddy is a plugin for backup and migration which allows you to immediately setup a backup schedule. You will not need to worry about the data after backing it up through this plugin.
  • WordPress SEO: Regardless of what is the purpose behind your development of website or blog, you need to optimize it on the search engines unless you intend to keep the content within yourself only. Whether you want to earn some bucks through it or just get your blog popular, it is imperative that you focus on the SEO without which you will not be able to attract traffic. Some exceptional features of this plugin apart from just addition of titles and keywords are page analysis, adding open graph Meta data and publish xml sitemap.
  • WPForms: A lot of websites nowadays consists of some kind of a form including forms for email subscription, payment, order and contact which requires a complex coding if developing a website using HTML. This can be made easy through WPForms plugin because you just need to drag and drop using the online form builder to customize any form on your website you want.
  • Sucuri: A major factor to consider when developing a website is the security of content and data. The advancements in IT has enabled hackers to take unfair advantage which could be a security threat to your website. Sucuri monitors this security at all times and offers real time alerts, malware removal and website security scanner for the utmost security.

Apart from these main plugins, you would need some others including Disqus, Envira Gallery, login lockdown, TablePress and WPtouch to develop a perfect, complete website or blog.

Author bio: Francis Lobo recently obtained his postgraduate degree in computer sciences and artificial intelligence at 1 Click Dissertation | Help UK. He is an exceptionally genius mathematician and is involved in website development.

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