It’s time to choose a VPN for Canada

Choose VPN: what NOT to do

Have you decided to set up a VPN access to your PC to protect your anonymity? You’ve probably realized that there is an immeasurable number of sites in Canada that offer their solutions and you do not know where to turn. What is the best one? Is this one better than the one you just saw earlier? How to decide between them? Why pay for a VPN if there are free ones?

vpn for canada

To choose a proper service, do not look on the ones that offer most features. A provider can offer a VPN with all the features in the world, but this does not mean that it works correctly. In fact, some of them may not work properly at all: constant disconnections, random connection to servers / refused / saturated connection software that freezes, etc. You know, anyone can offer such service. Since the software to create it is open source and free, even the incompetent provider may begin to offer its own canada vpn service easily.

Do not blindly choose ones that are in top positions on Google. The first page in Google is often a result of marketing and technical work that has nothing to do with the intrinsic quality of it. Similarly, do not trust all the reviewers: most of them are funded by providers in exchange for a few dollars. The comparison sites are unreliable, but can help you to learn the offers of highly-rated providers.

But it’s not just the popularity of a provider that counts! Selecting it is also a personal choice; you do not have the same needs as one who absolutely wants an Android app or the one who wants a Hong Kong server! That’s why we’ll see the criteria that you need to you based to select the service that works best for you.

When choosing a service to use, it is important to check where the company is based and where its servers are located.

Encryption protocols

When you visit the site of a provider, you will see words such as OpenVPN, PPTP, IPsec, etc. These are all encryption protocols. Before you install and configure your connection, you will need to think about the encryption protocol that you will use. This is a very important point. It is he who will set the security level of your Internet connection.

Length of the encryption key

Some reminder about encryption. It is the process that allows the encoding of data, so that only the machine that has the correct decoder is able to read the data that it transmits. The coding and decoding of data is done using an encryption key (known as symmetric key encryption).

Policy of privacy

If your privacy and your internet activities are the reason why you chose to have a VPN then you should pay particular attention to the privacy policy of the provider, including its policy on logs (logs of your connections and your activities).

Service Limitations

Some vendors offer access but with some limitations. It is important to learn about each of these possible limitations before choosing a VPN bandwidth.

Access time

Some providers limit how long you can stay connected to their VPN. If you want a secure connection 24h / 24 and 7/7, please choose a provider that offers this feature.


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