YouTube to end 301+ views placeholder view count, making channel owners happy

YouTube to end 301+ views placeholder view count that concerns owners of channels publishing videos on its platform. Yesterday, it was announced on its Twitter profile making many channel owners happy.

YouTube to end 301+ views placeholder view count after a long time:

For the past many years, YouTube used to freeze the video view counter at 301 views so that their systems can filter any false view coming from bots. After a few hours that number was corrected. During the system filtration process views counter used to be stuck at 301+ views, while thousands of other legitimate views took place during that time period.

The video streaming service did that because some channel owners had used bots in the past to generate false views so that they can highlight their popularity and gain more subscribers. Also number of views is an important factor that determines the ranking of a video.

YouTube to end 301+ views placeholder view count and now the counter will be updated more dynamically. The view counter will no longer be stuck at 301+ views and YouTube will continue counting the views that are confirmed as genuine and at the same time it will analyze and identify the views generated by bots.

YouTube to end 301+ views placeholder view count will help YouTube channel owners to get a better sense of the extent of their published videos and the way it reaches their audience without having to wait for the video streaming service to realize false views. Earlier this month, new YouTube desktop video player was launched to enhance the user experience.

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