Acer’s Latest Gaming Laptop: The V15 Nitro

Acer v15 Nitro Black Edition
Acer v15 Nitro Black Edition

The gaming world is filled with compact dreams and BANK ACCOUNTS, top of the line gaming laptops can go over $2200 and many users may want to get the best with an affordable price.

It seems that Acer has adopted this strategy to target these users with the V15 Nitro. Packed with a powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M GPU with 2GB RAM, the Nitro has a Quad Core Intel i7 processor with an 8GB of RAM. Priced at $1029, the Nitro has segmented itself in the “low priced” gaming laptop segment but users want to know if this laptop has the raw power to compensate for the low prices.

The competition is tough because many companies are now engaged in utilizing the same strategy, so how can
Acer differentiate their product? Acer has concentrated on the design, they have gone with the classic Alien ware back light pouring from the keys and the back. Other brands have curves and angles like the Lenovo Y50. However, for the consumer, it’s a matter of personal choice.

The Nitro has a plastic shell (black) and is lined with ridges which are thin, the finish is glossy.

According to users, the laptop doesn’t get warm after prolonged usage. The bottom is rounded to create an extended effect. The laptop also has ventilation points so that it doesn’t heat up. The speakers are placed on the grates on the left and right sides.

Acer has stepped into uncharted territory, the sales and overall reviews will tell the consumers more about this product in the near future.

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