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5 of the Best Live Online Games Right Now

There is an array of great online games out there. For those looking for gambling options, the best live roulette games from is a good place to start. Yet if you are looking for a pure gaming experience, here are five of the best online games available at the time of writing…


Tekken Revolution

To those of us who are old enough to remember when Tekken was first release on the Sony PlayStation in the 1990s, it comes as a great surprise that Tekken Revolution is free to play for PS3 owners. It’s basically just Tekken in Arcade Mode and it’s all the better for it. Simply choose your character, and decide whether to fight against the computer or other players online.

The coin system only allows you a finite number of plays with one character at a time; although the amount you have available will regenerate after a period of time. You can also upgrade your chosen character by collecting skill points. You can then use these points to boost your power, endurance and vigour.

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct came back with a vengeance with the launch of the Xbox One in November 2013. Also available for free as a download, the no-money version offers you only one character to play with; but this game is so good it doesn’t matter! After all, Jago is a pretty awesome character. Once you taste the crazy fighting action and insane combos Killer Instinct offers, you’ll be hooked.

Hustle Kings

Once available exclusively for the PS3, you can now play Hustle Kings on the PS4 against other players, either with friends at home, or remotely via the PlayStation network. And once again – you get to do so for free!

This lacks showy frills like special tricks and power shots that you get on Pool Live Pro and other online pool games. Instead, it’s best to think of Hustle Kings as a kind of pool simulator. It provides super-realistic ball-and-shot physics that real pool enthusiasts tend to enjoy.

Planetside 2

Planetside 2 is quite simply the king of all online shooters. Maps are incredibly vast, while you get three different factions and hundreds of fellow gamers to play against whenever you go online. This is a pretty complex game, so be prepared before you start. It may take a while to progress if you don’t hand over any cash. Yet your impressive starting weaponry is enough to give you a fighting chance of being competitive.

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online is surely the most entertaining online gaming experience it is possible to have on console, smartphone, or tablet. It endured a slow start in the popularity stakes when it first came on the scene.

Despite this, the long list of superhero characters (not to mention villains) at your disposal soon endeared it to millions of fans worldwide. It will take up a lot of space on your device – but trust us, it’ll be worth it! This game is a great addition to the DC franchise.

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