American Airlines-US Airways merger: Arrive at airport early

At that time, the airline operated under the name All American Aviation.

The overnight red-eye flight from San Francisco to Philadelphia marks the last ever departure under the US Airways name as the carrier’s merger with American nears completion.

The very last US Airways flight takes to the sky on Friday.

US Airways dropped Pittsburgh as a hub in 2004 and American Airlines shut down its nearby flight operations control center in August, shifting about 650 jobs to Fort Worth, Texas.

According to the Associated Press, Flight 1939, named for the year in which the airline was founded, will take off from Philadelphia at 10:05 a.m. on its way to Charlotte.

When the plane leaves here, there will be a water cannon salute to honor the airlines’ decades of service. “So more than 90 percent of flights going forward already exist in the American reservation system and don’t need to be moved over the US Airways system now”, said Freed.

The flight from Charlotte will head to Phoenix and then from Phoenix to San Francisco.

The Federal Aviation Administration gave American and US Airways permission to operate as one airline in April, clearing the way for the end of the US Airways brand, which has been scheduled to be eliminated since the merger was first announced in 2013. Passengers on that flight will receive a free champagne toast.

US Airways to complete merge with American

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